Making a false crackle with Chalk Paint in three steps

The crackle is a decorative painting technique with which makes the painted surface has a cracked appearance. It is very suitable for aging finishes because it gives the appearance of time on painting pretty realistic.

With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (and their complementary products) you’ll get this effect very easily. You can choose false crackle, about painting, or actual crackle with a motif of decoupage, for example. You can see examples of a table, as we learn in workshops sponsored this brand of paint.

For I have done in potpourri Fua, distributor in Madrid (Spain). To find out where you can buy products and the cities where Annie Sloan has associated stores and organizes consultation

First, wipe clean the surface you are going to paint. In this case it is a table and choose the color of paint you will apply.

Then giving a generous hand painted surface. No matter if it is rough or irregular. freely handled brush. With Chalk Paint is not necessary to follow the grain, or any other discipline.

Before the paint dries, speeds up the process by using a hair dryer. Put as about 10 centimeters (about 4 inches) and go sliding across the surface stopping a few seconds each time on each painted part. If you set yourself too close bubbles can occur in the paint.

You will see how slowly it is producing the characteristic cracked crackle effect.

If you do not have a hair dryer hand, place the furniture or object you are craquelando intense sun. The effect is the same if you use a dryer.

With dried paint, extends a thin layer of clear, colorless wax (Soft Wax) and then applies a patina dark wax (Wax Dark) and gently rubbed so that the wax will penetrate into cracks. With that you get to be noticed more and give the aged-cracked effect sought to crackle.

Then rub to give luster and shine to completion.

To get patinas of other colors and not necessarily dark crackle, use the colorless wax Annie Sloan and Dye it with any of his paintings. You do not need a lot.

Follow the steps recommended for dark patina, ensuring that the wax penetrate well in irregular and cracked areas.

This type of decorative painting must be used with discretion because, in excess, is too artificial. In a cabinet, I choose it to the envelope, for example, the place in which logically would be more likely to appear. Also in any of the sides or a drawer (or medium) in the event that the cabinet has them.

Although, this is your choice, of course. In frames of mirrors, large or small, in the frame or sheet. In a matter of decopauge of furniture they are also very showy.

Feet lamps, small stools or furniture to store collections are also good examples of parts for crackle.