Making a wooden cabinet

If you want to make a wooden cabinet yourself (DIY) probably have a space that you want to use to put a custom closet but without spending much.

I offer these options

The option to purchase the whole kit so you can make assembling the closet at home, including interior fittings, is the most practical and rapid solution if you need the closet.

This option will make things easier lot. And it will not stop being a DIY job yours: furniture assemblies also have to adjust to perfection.


And speaking of the Swedish giant, well you can be inspired by the examples and measures of his PAX series. For other countries and currencies, clicla in the store that you come closer. The system is the same in all.

By designing with this tool, and is organized on standard measures, you can devise your own wooden wardrobe with accessories you need.

And if you do not have a fence IKEA sure you find another distributor that fits and design measures which have already thought about and reflected designer PAX advantage.

For that

And if in the end you do not, you can return to the store and ask to come home a fitter and finish the job. The price does not rise much. It depends mainly on the size of the cabinet and the time it takes to complete the assembly.

So you can do the DIY buying wood cabinet and designing and making in its entirety, including shelves and hangers.


Of course the easiest and fastest solution will be to hire a professional to make you the custom wood cabinet. But equally, it is a far more expensive alternative.

The design, construction and installation must be added labor. But if you hurry, you need a piece of furniture or as special, this is the best option.

As you see, make a wooden wardrobe closet or DIY is not that difficult if you opt for the solution of using kits. You can also leave you cheaper than buying the material and make it entirely. It’s a matter of doing numbers and value.