Marsala: Pantone Color 2015

The company has announced Marsala Pantone color as 2015 and Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, notes that “enriches the mind, body and soul and conveys confidence and stability.”

It is a very different tone Radiant Orchid Pantone color for 2014, which called for creativity and innovation.

“Sicilian Marsala wine has a name and embodies the pleasure and enrichment of a good meal while anchored in the ground with its roots in a red-brown sophisticated and natural at the same time.

This pleasant but also elegant tone is universally attractive and easy to transport both fashion and beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interior “they say in Pantone.

Pantone advises us to use color in interior design Marsala in the following ways

Bright finishes, fabrics are sophisticated and incorporate furniture and accessories naturalness that seems to emerge directly from nature, the earth and trees.

Playing with textures and using glitter and kill the Marsala is a very promising color.

Until you get used to it and how much values ​​and where to use it, try to incorporate it in small details.

It is, moreover, a very “quiet” color. Is ideal rustic decorations both indoors and outdoors. Surely you’ve seen on occasion a similar tone terracotta facades garden and interior decoration of rural hotels.

Here you have an image gallery to see possibilities of color Pantone 2015

And here you find a Pantone color palette combined with Marsala

I remember that besides the color of the year, Pantone has already presented its colors for interiors, furniture and decoration 2015. Take a look to know all the possibilities that presents the brand that defines trends in colors and include both design, beauty such as fashion and decor.

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