Microcemento furniture equipment fashion in interior design

Microcemento furniture have made their way into the decor for several years. They were first made with work and take care of coated as furniture rustic kitchens or bathrooms. Hence they jumped to health (sure you’ve seen sinks, showers and tubs) and now cover free surfaces and traditional furniture with amazing decorative result.

We spoke with Alberto Torres, co-founder of PortobelloStreet (international design firm and furniture distributed worldwide) just introduced a collection to tell us the characteristics of this type of furniture, the care they require and styles in which fit.

The method follows the following steps and is completely handmade

The protection provided does valid for harsh environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and places of heavy traffic. Therefore, the use of this material in furniture is fully suitable.

Special care not need any, please clean with water and mild soap.

We have a letter of 41 colors. Regardless of these, we can achieve or approach the maximum desired by the customer color. In that case the customer would provide us a sample of appropriate color, such as a piece of upholstery. In general, and by pigmentation, any color is possible.

Coffee tables, dining or auxliares are very suitable and easily adaptable to spaces using color to integrate pieces.

The price of furniture microcemento is very similar to the standard of any other material midrange prices.

They have a very good relationship for money, among other things because they are very durable.

Based on the above data, the advantages are numerous

Its development is handmade and carefully.

* It is aseptic.

* Antistatic.

* Has low allergen levels

* Magnificent aging, because the action of CO2 will gradually hardening it.

* High resistance to friction and wear.

* No decorations conditions.

From these points of view it is difficult to find drawbacks

Returning to influence the wide color range and combined with different materials we can include it in any decorative style

* Contemporary

* Ethnic-Bohemia

* Rustic-Chic

* Industrial-Vintage

* Luxury-Style

* Romantic

It is a very fine powder cementitious material, pigment, which has other components as aggregates and mixed with a liquid made of synthetic resins. To knead dough easy application that can extend virtually any surface is obtained. Its thickness, once applied, usually about 2-3 mms. and get continuous surfaces of a high decorative level, without joints, and using the technique of polished, high gloss can be achieved. Thanks to this process of pigmentation colors that are achieved are infinite.

Surely you saw the first example in the soil, perfect with its continuous aspect. He went to the wall where you can get also very decorative effects, including printed decorative motifs in relief.