Painted wooden furniture as a professional

Paint furniture, new or recycled is one of the most common DIY jobs and one of the easiest DIY with the best results.

But how to paint wood furniture correctly? It depends on how you perform the steps to have a painted with a flawless finish or a cabinet full of defects. The method is easy to follow, only you need to do it carefully.

Is our furniture is used? This is the starting point.

Also they are known as “raw wooden furniture”. To prepare the cabinet, in this case, all you have to sand it gently until you know it soft to the touch before applying paint or primer sealer.

This step is the same wood painting, if you have built with pine wood or similar.

If DM (or MDF), sanded well, especially in places where the joints are. The surface of MDF boards are usually quite smooth.

Then, this layer also sanding sealer. Clean the dust that might be with a soft cloth fiber lint or threads.

To finish the job

• Finish with wax: protects the furniture with a layer of colorless wax that will apply with a cloth. Let dry and polish with another for buffing.

• Finished with decorative painting: depending on the unit and its function, can paint following some style, or use some decorative motifs (freehand or template) with acrylic craft paint.

• Finish with patina: to give an aged, vintage or slightly bohemian look applies a patina. It can be made with bitumen, with a glaze oil color you like, or simply a wash hand craft paint in the color you want. You can also buy already prepared.

In each country and region you are getting paint brands “top sales”. As a general line, keep in mind always the basis with which they are made: water and solvents are incompatible.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some brands offer denser paintings, to give fewer layers and others are rolling out multi-purpose products, which save the primer, for example.

The factory councils are especially important when we talk about drying times. It is not the same drying seems dry touch but the paint is still drying malleable than definitive.

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