Poster beds or rooms for romantic sky

Canopy beds canopy bed and put a romantic and nostalgic feel in your bedroom. You also find four-poster beds and beds with mosquito net

If you dare, you can continue reading how to make them at home. In this tutorial I propose these curtains or tulle to make your canopy bed because they are very cheap and a starting point when you do not want to invest much money or your goal is a change of decoration season (spring or summer, for example).

But, depending on the fabric you use, not necessarily sheers, you get a different look to the entire room. It is the value of textiles in combination with furniture.

Examples of how and where to use them

Four-poster bed, c ielo bed and baldachin usually mean the same thing. We can realize that the canopy is usually the structure together four-poster bed in which the curtains are attached

What baldaquinos are reminiscent of traditional beds of the Middle Ages and later, they used these structures to hold curtains that were used to protect from the cold and drafts in the room to its owner.

This type of bed was not available to the most popular classes and generally will have been able to see them on a visit to castles and palaces.

Today, all these definitions have their variations because its function is primarily decorative.

You can use the canopies to make the function headboard or complete another headboard you already have. Use them as a supplement or as a protagonist if you want to change the look of your bedroom without spending much money. If the bed has baldachin will you bring a stately and elegant touch to the whole bedroom. You will not need more furniture.

Advantages: are removable and can exchange the textiles to achieve different effects and even update a room.

Drawbacks: perhaps his touch is a bit feminine and romantic, so think well what place in dormitories adult In that case it may be better a mosquito net or canopy design very sober style bedrooms African style or Asian in which the canopies have a practical and non-decorative use.

Mosquito nets are elements that serve to protect the bed, and its user, bites of mosquitoes or other insects and there are areas of the world that they are forced use to prevent diseases caused by these insect bites.

However, elsewhere, they are also used as decoration, to give the bed that romantic or bohemian touch to bring these elements.