Preparing to move out of town or country

Move out from one place to another is a challenge and an adventure. But for millions of people around the world, life is that, to prove opportunities, take risks and try to have a better future.

Before making the decision, evaluates the following

Your economic stability. In these times it is not easy to have abundant savings account, but when you move not only have extra expenses, it could be a while before having another job. Ideally you have money saved to cover your expenses for several months. Arrive with empty hands is a big risk.

The status of your credit and debt. If you know you change them, you do not acquire new debts, try to have a day your monthly payments and if you can, cancels you are possible. In many places will evaluate your credit for a house to rent and there are companies that make it up to give you a job, depending on the responsibilities you have in it.

How much it will cost the move. The expenses associated with moving range from having to buy plane tickets to a car in your new place of residence. But also keep in mind that you need to deposit into the new house that you rent, deposits of basic services (this depends on where you live and even the state of your credit), spending the first few days (on meals, gasoline and other), and clear the movers of your furniture. Whether you hire a specialized company or do it for yourself, renting a vehicle for it will have to pay.

The cost of living in the city where you move. If you move from one job to another in the same company, do not dazzle because you offer more money, before investigating how much it costs to live there. If you go on your own, too. Researches from the cost of housing, to food, basic services like water, electricity, telephone, internet and cable.

Unless you’re absolutely sure that you have no turning back, the ideal is not to sell it, and leave rented.

If the rent, assesses the obligations you have to meet and how it changes your tax situation and the type of mortgage loan, if you do not live on the property.

If you leave rented, remember to have an emergency fund for extra expenses, or if the tenant fails you rent and have to put your money to pay your mortgage.

To sell, evaluates market conditions and how to stay financially with that sale. Do you have money left over after paying off the mortgage and pay the expenses of the sale? Or, would you have to put money? Something absurd to think a few years ago, but with the fall in housing prices, which are worth less than what they owe, happens often.

Assesses the employability of those who are moving. Professionals should know if they need state or national license to practice their profession. If you are a couple, most of the time one gets to work first, and that’s a good start.

Identifies other skills. Not always get a job in the same professional field so you have to go ready to “start small”, a phrase that sounds very commonly among newcomers.

Look at the websites from where you want to live and evaluates the most common jobs with their requirements.