Protect your kitchen furniture with a back or backsplash

You have beautiful furniture, your kitchen is new: it uses a rear to protect kitchen furniture.

N ecesitas protect your furniture with something beautiful and original that protects also the wall of the kitchen area and even water. I suggest cooking rear panels.

What backspasplash or rear kitchen is the most appropriate? How much does add a backsplash? Is the kitchen back protects also the furniture?

With a rear wall of the kitchen in front of which are the kitchen will be maintained as neither paint or tiles suffer from continuous cleaning after splashing food and oils. That serves primarily a kitchen backsplash. Your countertop or countertop will also have a longer life.

(How to clean kitchen cabinets effectively)

This is my experience. To renovate the entire kitchen, including furniture and special tiles, rustic, with many sores (the “stripes” remaining between the parts and, in the kitchen, often dirty fat very easily) I devised a back that let see those pieces that I loved.

Although they are sold in specialty shops, glass backsplash can be purchased at the glassworks. What you have to do?

Protect the kitchen wall with an iron or stainless steel panel is a fashionable idea, especially if you have other elements of this material in your kitchen. The advantage is that it is a clean, tough, durable and very decorative material. It is not too expensive and can be found in furniture stores or DIY kitchen also sell furniture for this area of ​​the house.

Chipboard panels, very decorative, are used as rear wall to protect furniture and splashes and moisture.

These panels are also available in plastic material in different colors. The effect is a colored metraquilato.

Although other materials, these are easy to find and place and time, they are not expensive.