Rear or DIY backsplash

Kitchens rear (or backsplash) have become a decorative element. From being a purely functional resource to protect furniture, tiles or painting wall grease stains, splashes when cooking or water and moisture have become an excellent resource for decoration.

Using either the rear have an excellent resource that will create decorative accent in your kitchen and can give you a completely renovated while changes all the space and the effects on that aspect looks.

Another advantage is that they are relatively cheap if you choose to do it yourself. Change or add a backsplash in your kitchen is not overly complicated using certain materials. Here I give you some tips for you to wear to work.

These panels are bought in DIY centers (IKEA also you find them). They are usually 60 centimeters in width and variable height. Applying silicone are placed.

Press the panel on the wall and that’s all. You can put one, two or cover the entire width of the furniture you have in the cooking area or water.

There are in different colors and have a very affordable price. The only precaution is to make sure that the wall is perfectly clean and dry when you place it and can not be used with gas plates. They are very easy to clean.

They are high pressure laminate and varnished.

Wallpapers have evolved greatly in recent a├▒osLos vinyl wallpapers are an example of this option. They have gone from being heavy, unwieldy and not very nice to have modern designs, be more manageable and very resistant once glued.

They can resemble a wooden wall, brick, slate. You find flowers, smooth, with geometric designs or suggesting different textures.

To place just measure and choose the position in which you’re going to place it. It is easier if you choose a horizontal position if you choose a vertical where you have to go cutting and attaching the different parts.

This also has the problem or disadvantage that you will have more together in the paper and you have to “marry” the drawings if I had what you need more of paper. If you put it in a horizontal position make sure it has a design that conceals this.

You will need, in addition to the paper, a box cutter or knife to cut very well, rule, the right glue, paintbrush to apply a table or flat surface on which to lean, wipes and review the role by placing

Tip: Remove the forelock or decorative element and carries the paper to the edge of the countertop. Replace the forelock and thus be better secured. With the top, if you have furniture, try a centimeter or two is under the cabinet. So you get clean shots.

In the picture you can see a rear glass has been chosen to protect a rustic tile, being small, it has many easy to mess together. This work has been done at home and taking care of it done between two people is not difficult.

If you find an old-fashioned kitchen, a rented house and you can not touch or simply are tired of seeing always the same these are good options to renew your look for very little money.


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