Safety rules to show your property

Question: Safety Rules to show your property

“I want to sell my house on my own but I’m worried receive strangers, what you recommend?” My friend I said that’s one of the advantages of selling through a professional agent, they have more control over who goes and who not to see houses. But I also told him that it was important to prepare your home for sale and follow these safety tips


Question basic information to those interested in seeing you property. Name, address, phone is data that must have before getting someone in your home. Keep track of them, by sending an email or a text message to your phone and sharing that information with your partner or a close family member designated to assist in your safety.

Any doubts or notice oddities in the preliminary information that you provide to make an appointment? It is correct to say “for security reasons please bring your identification when you come to see the house.” That scares criminals.

Company seeks to show the property. If you have no choice but to be alone, notify neighbors, family or friends you’re with customers. Advising them when they reach your potential buyers, before opening the door.

If you are concerned about security when you see visitors, dials the phone from your partner, friend or family support. You can say something like “I know I had to call and I could not, but now it was my client (say your name) and I am attending.” If you think you are in a risk not hang up the call, although it is best to follow your instincts, and if you feel you’re not sure, do not receive these people.

If you have signs may come ‘walk-ins’, people who go through there and decide to get off to ask or to see the house. If you can not show it at the time, because you do not have anyone with you, or have valuables they should not see potential buyers, make an appointment.

Have no valuables visible. This includes laptops, medicines, clothing, handbags and accessories as coveted iPads.

The “open houses” are very effective but must prepare. You could have several customers while entering different rooms or areas of the house. Seek help from friends or family to accompany your visitors. Never leave them alone and keeps a record of all visitors.

Calls for prequalification when you make the appointment. Many vendors do because although this decreases the amount of people who come to see the property, that they are those who are seriously interested and potential buying.

If you do not want to ask for prequalification, make key questions on how to purchase the house. Will they buy cash? Will they make a loan? How is the credit? If you go round and tell you they have no idea who are just starting to look, the more likely it is that are not serious buyers or are not clear in what they want to do.

Never let alone strangers to see your house, while you wait in another area of ​​the house. Let them come forward and describe what they are seeing, (although it seems obvious), for example, “here is the room where, as you see, there are very good natural lighting.”

Even if you think there is no danger, always keep your cell phone with you. Use either luxurious or flashy clothes and leaves open access, without insurance so you can leave quickly if necessary.

Evaluates warning signs to keep out buyers. Among these, evidence of alcohol or who look dirty (although they may come very neat and be equally criminals).

Do not look flashy clothes or jewelry luxury, do not make comments when you will not be in the house or talk about your personal life with customers. Focus strictly on the property.