Security at home from the first day

Surprised to learn that our home, the place where more should feel safe and protected, can have dangers that threaten our health and safety and the whole family. To our relief, we must take action. Most do not need to invest large sums of money.

Apply these measures from day one you’ve moved into a new house and always follow them to the letter, without neglecting them. These should not be even one day delay can be the difference between life or death for some families.

Safe Kids USA: A group of organizations working to educate families on preventing accidents and injuries in children, among other issues.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, CPSC, in English).

The issue of security at home is inexhaustible. Among the recommendations of the CPSC and Safe Kids USA, are not overlook two important themes, carbon monoxide poisoning and fires. These can occur at any time until finishing move out.

This deadly gas that does not smell and like any gas, not noticed, is so dangerous that tell the silent murderer. A leak can severely or even death sick. It is produced by equipment and appliances that burn fuel (such as gasoline or propane gas) that is not by using electricity.

If you have such a device in your house or garage where you park the car, you must have at least one carbon monoxide alarm, placed near where people sleep. These should be tested monthly and usually replaced every five years. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install and test.






In addition to installing the alarm, you can take several steps to prevent CO poisoning, including

Ensure that the gas or oil appliances are in good condition. If in doubt, look for an inspector.

Use the proper heating equipment. Never use the stove to heat the house

Do not use barbecues or generators inside the house, in the garage or near a window.

Do not leave a burning vehicle in the garage, even with the door open.

The days are moving much stress and lack of time and often leaves “and then” try electric or gas that may be defective equipment. Malfunction can cause fires. It is recommended

Check operation of the stove, either electric or gas.

If you have gas equipment, make sure the lines are installed properly and no escape.

Do not leave food unattended. It is best to be in the kitchen while using the stove. If you do not have time the day of the move, it is better to buy food outside the home, or prepare sandwiches and sandwiches that do not require attention.

Having a home fire extinguisher and make sure it is in good condition.

Check smoke detectors in each room of the house. You must try and change the batteries or if necessary. Each room should have one and each level of the house, too. There are alarms that combine in a single detection of smoke and carbon monoxide.