Separating the couple decoration

Is there a decor that separates the couple? Well it may seem excessive, the place where you live influences the relationship of coexistence.

This influence has to do with the furniture you choose, the colors and decoration you implement in your home.

The point is whether your home is furnished and decorated by two and for two or just one part of the couple that decides mostly unilaterally, which is made in terms of interior design is concerned.

You’ve seen it in movies, what you read in novels but have you lived at home? In many families there is a chair that has its own history and also shares usually with the male part of the couple.

Father, grandfather, uncle … in those cases in films almost all have a seat like especially, which usually takes many years and that, Old- fashioned -not as usual, it not combined with updated decor .

And that chair that becomes a kind of blur in your color chart becomes the subject of discussions.

Studies decoration professionals confirm that 80% of decisions in decoration and furniture the women take.

But when you live in couple be decorated for two, the better, so that all are comfortable and happy in the house.

An overly feminine house, both in color and furniture, can cause a feeling of not fitting in it, which belongs only to a part of the couple.

On the contrary, too male without that touch of “female hand” house can lead to a decoration that they feel cold, hard and unwelcoming.

These findings, of course, may not occur in your case, it is the man most interested in design and decoration and women the least.

Although this meaning (as I say based on market studies that often make different decorative signatures) is changing, because the man is increasingly more involved in is aesthetic look of your home, much sums up why it is important that the couple I agree, in advance, if possible in the decoration.

Another important aspect is the furniture store dedicated to clothing, footwear or other goods of each part of the couple.

And here are from the shelter to football, fishing rod or Pilates ball.

Are you agree that a poor choice of decoration can influence relationships?