Small bathrooms – 12 Ideas to decorate and furnish them

Small bathrooms are the reality of many homes and furnish them and decorate them to gain space s becomes a challenge.

Even in the best case, when a house has two or more bathrooms, one of them will almost always be smaller. Here are some key tips for furniture and decorative nearly double the space.

The first step, always, is to take action. They never buy furniture (or imagine decorations) without knowing exactly how much space is counted. Surprises can be very unpleasant. Small spaces have more capacity than it seems and even a large room, unfurnished serve as a reference, it seems smaller.

Bathrooms also deserve own style. It’s much nicer enter into a harmonious space and provided that one has no more that health, like the toilet of a roadhouse.

Both concepts are not mutually exclusive given the huge variety of furniture we can choose today. Also in the bathroom we can let your imagination and mix different proposals to expedite the few meters available to us.

If you can not find anything to your liking in the sizes you accurate, bet on the furniture. They are more expensive but will conform exactly to your needs. Think of them as an investment that will last you years.

You can opt for a cabin or separate by partition. You win centimeters in which maybe you can put a shallow closet or a shelf for linens and bathrobes.

As an added bonus, you can turn the shower into a kind of spa or relaxation, thanks to the fittings and appliances that brands put at your disposal and you no longer need extra space. The shower no longer have to be a boring and purely hygienic experience.

The choice of wall coverings also have to be channeled to save space and light. Finished in white or light colors increase the feeling of space.

A countertop same material coatings, in which it is embedded the sink, will give you a perfectly integrated into the decor and furniture that just take up space. You can complete with shelves of the same material, underneath and use storage baskets instead of drawers. There are marble, granite, Silestone, glass or wood treated for moisture.

If the option is a wooden cabinet, also you have all designs and sizes. Select them taking advantage of the width of the wall you have to go the bathroom sink. And if you win it encastras the rest of the surface as support space.

– Finished in light, even white tones.

– Furniture suspended without reaching the ground. They also give a bonus amplitude. Drawers will be very useful, at least two.

– Choose doors with transparent or translucent glass, instead of blind doors. The light will be reflected in them.

– Furniture with legs: If the cabinet reaches the ground, pick one that has legs. Those centimeters apart, though not enough, they also provide lightness.

– For particularly small toilets, the solution is usually choose a mirror cabinet to place over the sink. This can be suspended with a glass countertop with a couple of shelves below. This type of cabinets have very shallow but enough to store your most commonly used products.

In this section they enter mirrors, hangers and other hanging furniture.

Mirrors. The bigger the mirror more widely and bring light, with its reflection and depth it brings to spaces. if you can sheathes the entire wall above the sink.

flown perches. Put them behind doors or where less look. Note that what you hang on it (usually bathrobes) take up space, literally and visually.

Hanging furniture for storage. This furniture can take advantage of a wall or parapet. They are not very large and have shallow.

Shelves. In very small spaces it is best to put glass, using the same wall of the shower or sink cabinet side if you can.

If your bathroom is small courtesy or guests and no shower (or will not be commonly used) you can think of painting or wallpapering the walls as moisture or splashing will not be a problem. So you get a completely different look.