Space-saving light furniture on your deck or patio

You have a small terrace or patio few you want to furnish with elements that do not occupy much space? Light furniture, with smaller, folding or stackable dimensions and can combine different materials are a good choice.

When choosing light furniture terrace and garden?

1. Few meters. On a terrace, patio, garden or balcony a few meters.

2. In a special corner. It may be under a bower, a corner outdoor furniture sets which can be gathered quickly in case of rain or a space with beautiful views to be enjoyed in a tiny enclave as a lookout.

3. Tune with the interior decoration. If the furniture inside your house, especially the room that is accessed abroad, is decorative line lightness, this should be reflected also abroad. Ideally, both spaces share common decorative elements that bring harmony and continuity in sight and the transition between them.

4. Compensate other decorative aspects that are “heavy”. There are times when choosing light pieces serve to offset other elements that you can not remove or hide in your garden, terrace or patio. It can be a barbecue architectural large, a pit columns.

It could also be too dark paint or lined with rustic wooden wall. A light terrace furniture and light colors encourage and compensate the visual weight of these elements.

The designs have changed for both exterior and interior and is easy to find different finishes and combination of materials in wrought iron, metal furniture (in plain or imitating forging), wood, resins and even more innovative materials like fiberglass or plastic finishes.

In this photo we see a model folding chair galvanized iron, graphite powder-painted seat and back and teak.

Both teak and iron are easy to maintain and can be repainted and varnished when needed. They are an excellent bet for your small spaces. You can combine it with all kinds of textiles.

wrought iron and metal make this model St Germain Maisons du Monde a reference example of the decoration, the tough and delicate, once iron range. The feature is a romantic delicacy and contribution to that part of the garden, terrace or patio you want to decorate.

Wrought iron is timeless, easy maintenance if you respect a location that protects you a minimum and is also easily paintable.

Another sign of wrought iron and wood is set Luberon, Maisons du Monde combining iron and wood suitable for indoor and outdoor covered. The refinement is provided by the wrought iron and wood bright nobility that allows you to be both in your living room and a covered terrace.

An original bet is to combine wooden furniture with other metal from different backgrounds. In a vintage bohemian atmosphere or they will be especially well. In the photo, the proposal is a folding chair, wooden, traditional moderated bar, painted and etched with a metal table, very light, with three legs, also vintage style, which compensates the visual weight of the chair .

This furniture is easy to get second hand, but these come from (via Nordic style).

Remember that wood can not stand long exposures well outdoors so you’ll have to put in minimally protected sites.

In the photo you have the original proposal in design and material Beltran Forge: a set of outside light and elegant made with fiberglass in blue appearance.

Actually it is a riskier option as you will have to combine the environment as decorative furniture and have a major role on their mismos.Si want to be original

We can not forget the solid wood furniture: teak, pine, acacia. There are different types and origin. All bad they withstand extreme changes in temperature and weather outside unprotected. It is appropriate that are under cover or plastic bags or canvas.

Easy maintenance, wood furniture admitted tinkering with varnishes or oils suited to their characteristics.

In the picture you can see a proposal with very light IKEA furniture and smaller size than average, folding, both chairs and table, which makes it easy to store them when not in use.