The basic furniture for the baby’s room

Choosing baby furniture and decorating the nursery is important for your child to rest in a safe and appropriate environment.

As for the other rooms, firms have evolved in design and versatility betting on furniture that grow with your kids and become so used to several years.

For sale you will found, also, offers in all price ranges and different qualities.

Modern, classic, tale or vintage, children’s rooms need some basic furniture that fit the first months of your child.

• The starting point, as always, is to know how big it will be the children’s room. Take action and make a plane in which included the fixed elements, such as doors, windows and radiators. Record the height and look at the free spaces left you in the room.

• A good distribution divide in seating and storage area.

Everything begins with the birth of your baby. And will, for sure the best you can give. But sometimes, parents tend to think that our children will not grow as fast as they do and focus on the details of the time have a few months instead of focusing on a bedroom in the medium term. If your house or apartment is small planning is even more necessary.

The cradle, for example, has an expiration date. No matter how big it is, there comes a time when jumping it, learn to lower the side or simply the “abuse”. Each baby has his age to it but what is certain is that before you know it, you have to move them.

It is best to buy a convertible crib. There are furniture, removing the sides first and extending the bedspring later transformed into a bed, depending on the size of each child, can use up to four or five years.

When you buy, values ​​the space of the room in which it is located when no longer crib.

If you have little space, you can later opt for raised beds or bunks.

A convenient storage of your clothes will be very useful. As also need a changing table (the enabled accessories that allow you to the toilet and diapering baby furniture easily) combines both pieces.

When you no longer use accessories changer (or dressing) you will simply furniture, practical and complete.

Do not forget a chair or a rocking chair, when you sit down to feed him or simply cooing. It should favor a comfortable position, with your back well supported.

If the child’s bedroom has a wardrobe and not have to think about it, auque themselves in their distribution. But, otherwise, buy a wardrobe is almost mandatory.

If you have to acquire specifically, do it according to the style of the room or buy one simple and decorate it until it clicks into its environment.

Think, always, that must accompany a few years, so obviates those who are too childish, unless your budget is loose to change again the bedroom.

And although the baby does not really need many toys, you’ll see that already has enough to assess a storage area.

So you will have it ready when those games multiply. You are shelving plans flown for stuffed animals and other walk crib for their first games and to which they can easily reach.

Do not forget to review safety measures for when the baby takes its first steps: shelves and well anchored, bumpers on the corners and protective plugs for furniture.

Opt for sconces instead of table lamps that could tip over and blinds or curtains up to the window so they do not grab them.

It combines furniture with wall paint color, textiles and auxiliaries that promote serenity and relaxation in what will be his personal space.

As later they will want to comment on the decor (it is likely that your daughter wants to put his touches Princess, for example, now it is easy sense of peace and tranquility conducive to rest.