The New American Home 2012

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB, in English), presents every year a house like demanding buyers dream: with all available, beautiful technology and the latest trends in construction. It is one where free rein is given to imagination, the best materials are used and a spectacular design is integrated. The result? “The New American House”, a project that has already been released 29 years.

The presentation is made at the International Home Builders Show (IBS, in English), which is the annual convention of the NAHB. In 2012 he was held in Orlando, where they have held in the past. The architect and builder Phil Kean, Winter Park, Florida, was in charge of the construction of the house, located near Orlando, Florida.

This is a re-interpretation of the classic “White Box” of the 60s and 70s that became popular architects Le Corbusier and Richard Meier.

New House American honors this time, but also takes advantage of modern technology and the trend toward “green” construction.

All construction was done to meet the eligibility criteria for the status “Emerald” of the “National Green Building”.

Being built in Florida, Kean took advantage of the mild climate of the state, using removable glass panels and “screen” to integrate motorized convenience of residents, the interior and exterior space.

The house has 4,181 square feet of construction and is the smallest of the series of “The New American Home” in a long time. The model, with two bedrooms, appeals to couples who already have the house or empty nesters, what is known in English as the “empty nester” and four additional rooms or spaces that can also be converted into rooms. The location is close to “downtown” Village neighborhood, which is to have amenities and attractions on foot, without having to go by car.

The New American Home is like a real laboratory, to demonstrate concepts, best construction practices, techniques and materials for energy saving and design trends.

A house like this must consume 52 percent less energy than other standard property, partly through the use of solar energy in some areas, the insulation system, the colors of exterior paint, the type and location of windows and efficient energy-saving equipment.

It has already been proven in the kitchen is where residents want to spend more time, that’s why this house was designed with contemporary style and an exterior made. stylized and simple lines predominate, making the entire space an area much to enjoy making food to share.

Throughout the house premium modern, including in the bathrooms. open spaces, areas to store and closets artworks that seem completely integrated design. The bathroom of the master bedroom has an advanced system with deep-diving and massage.

The “counters” of both the kitchen and the bathrooms were made of pure quartz crystals, and the goods have some releases of the industry as the first ovens screen “LCD” touch, similar to the technology used by modern mobile phones.