Tips to make a purchase offer is successful home

Question: Tips to make a purchase offer is successful home

How do I know I’m doing a good deal and that buyers will consider? That question is asked by many buyers, who fear them no matter what others: after much searching and finding the property they were seeking, the lose because their offer is not accepted and some do not learn why. Although it is best to communicate with you and tell you why they did not accept it, it happens infrequently.


Although there is no magic formula to make sure you accepted your offer, there are some key elements you should include in it, and that sellers will show that you as a buyer are seriously interested. These are

Gone was the time to offer prices well below they are asking for the property. Although it depends on the market where it is, recent data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR in English), show that even many homes already being sold above the listing price. That in itself, sounds like you have to compete for the house that you like if you have high demand in the market.

If the property you are interested, be sure to offer a fair price in line with the market. Your real estate agent can guide you and an expert appraiser will give you real information on the value of the property you want.

Before offering an amount, ask if the sellers are willing to negotiate and accept offers. Some say that you yourselves first intention the highest price you are willing to pay. And that gives you an idea where to go.

To submit the offer you will be asked what kind of evidence of purchase you will, if cash or financed.

If you fund the purchase, you must present official evidence that you qualify for a loan. You must submit a qualification of a formal bank, with bank data substantiating that are ready for purchase by the amount you are offering.

Even if you’re buying with loan could ask evidence of funds, include it. Vendors like to know that you are prepared to take the closing costs and other related to your purchase.

Cash buyers must provide confirmation that they have sufficient funds. An official letter from the bank will suffice.

Financing or evidence that you have the money to buy cash is one of the most critical aspects accept your contract. Any document of those missing, is sufficient to not take into account your offer right.

If you’re buying with an agent, this will guide the process and will indicate the documents to submit.

Make sure all are signed and include all the information you seek.

If you are buying agentless, direct with the owner, clarifies the doubts before signing so that when you submit the documents you requested, are complete.

At present several “addendum” or additional documents, especially in cases of “short sale” or “foreclosure” is requested. Sometimes requested at the moment of the contract, be sure to fill them and deliver them on time.

An incomplete document is synonymous with waste of time. In many cases it makes you the difference between getting or not the house you want.

It is logical to want to assert your rights as a buyer to get the best value for your money, but make sure your requests in the contract are strictly necessary.

Make unreasonable demands does not prove that you are a discerning buyer, but you’re not willing to negotiate. That you out of the race for the house.