To sell or not to sell your house?

The real estate market is not as active as six years ago, there’s no doubt. But there are many homeowners with a stable economic position who wonder if this is a good time to seize opportunities and low prices, and buy another property.

To sell or not to sell your house? It is the question we often ask ourselves when we do not feel comfortable in our current homes because we understand that do not meet our needs. Reasons for seeking a new home can be as pleasurable as an increase in income, a change in family composition or simply want to take advantage of the great prices today and buy a home that had not been possible before.

There are also all pleasant forced conditions, such as divorce, death of family members or decrease in wages and income. On the other hand, as a natural law of life, many homes are great when children grow up and make their independent lives.

As this is a time when property values ​​have dropped dramatically many prefer not to sell their homes to wait for prices to stabilize. However others are selling, especially those who have their mortgages saldas or low houses, which anyway will not lose money to sell at current prices.

Before making the final decision to sell is important to assess a number of factors such as

Where you want to move. Evaluates if you want to keep in the same community or its surroundings, or if you wish to go further afield. Considered before deciding your activities as employment, schools for your children and hobbies. Besides transportation facilities either on their own or public system. Ask yourself how many miles or how long you are willing to travel to do your daily activities.

Type of property you want to buy. If you are changing lifestyle, for example mudándote of a house to an apartment complex, orient yourself on being able to live in an apartment. Analyze your benefits but also disadvantages. If on the contrary you’re moving into a house, consider the positives and negatives of living in independent housing. In all cases research maintenance fees and duties and responsibilities of owners in each type of community.

Make sure you can buy another house. Contestate these questions: Do you have the money to buy another property and you can qualify for a mortgage loan?

Analyze the conditions of sale. This is a market opportunity and how you want to take advantage of good prices, buyers of your home will also want to do the same. Can you negotiate a sale price lower your expectations?

It is important that you clear the current value of your property, the debt you have and the improvements you’ve made. In the latter always remember that you can not recover the investment. It also takes into account commission payments to sales agent, if you use one, and mortgage cancellation fees.

Evaluate if you hired an agent real estate. This is not a requirement to sell your house but professional help could not only speed up the sale but keep you involved in a process that can be lengthy and complicated. On the other hand hire entail pay a commission if it can sell the property.