wardrobe: Renews the doors to get new look

Your wardrobe will be like new if you change the doors to change their appearance.

You have a closet different for very little money, well spent especially when the cabinet is of good quality.

An inexpensive change that you get a modern look for all the bedroom. Look at the trends in furniture and decoration moment for inspiration.

First, we must know what types of doors we can choose and their advantages and disadvantages.

The doors of the wardrobes and dressing can be of different types

– Paint the cabinet doors. A change of color in your closet doors and be another. Painted in bright colors, from white to stone through the range of the pale yellow “light up” room.

If the paint with the colors of the wall will merge with it so that it will seem larger.

Use modernizarás trend colors and closet and the fourth.

In the first picture you have finished stripping paint. It is very versatile trend and informal rooms, youth, shabby chic and vintage. Do not hesitate to apply some finishing decorative paint, as stenciled or combination of colors.

– Placing mirrors in one or all the cabinet doors. The effects of the mirrors are well known: reflect light, double spaces and provide dynamics to reflect the rest of the elements of the room. If you’re not sure how many and how to put them begins with one (depending on the number of cabinet doors) creating symmetries as you increase the parts.

– Creates glass windows on the cabinet doors. Especially if they are swinging doors, then you can put linen curtains or sheers to combine with textiles bedroom.

This is the choice I chose for my bedroom closet. (Look at this photo)

You will get a soft, slightly romantic aspect and the superfie aligerarás closet. The effect of glass decor is similar to the mirrors, without full reflection, but that of “enlightenment” and lightness.

– Decorative murals or vinyl on the doors of the closet. Plastic, although they are not the same, the proeceso is to paste a sticker reason. The murals cover the entire surface and vinyls are independent reasons. The results are current and casual furniture. Very showy in the first case.

– Remove the doors and put decorative curtains to close the closet. In the third picture you can see an example of such a finish is. Recommended for children or work lockers rooms in cottages. A cheap and easy enclosure combined with other textiles bedroom.

– Folding or hinged doors, they need to open up enough space, equal to its width, ahead of the cabinet.

– Sliding doors require much less space to open, which is an advantage. The drawback is that you can not see everything inside the cabinet.

– Folding doors, which allow you to see inside the closet, do not need much extra space to open space but they need to be collected on the sides. Of this type are very common louvered doors or shutters.

How do you see, if you change and mix the different types of doors and open mode, your wardrobe may have a completely different look without changing the structure, whether work or so.

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