What is the rottenness and how wood is removed

It is the name that the “attack” of the wood borers, both in furniture and walls, stairs or carpentry is known. They are small insects of several species that feed on it and that, once they have invaded a piece of furniture, you may end up literally with him. There are worldwide

The easiest to see is that dust around, like sawdust but finer.

And if you look better, you’ll see small holes that usually are in one area of ​​the furniture but slowly spread.

Experts tell us that xilófagos “eat” the wood in parallel, not to the bottom. If you use a pin or a needle and enter by these pinholes you know you have woodworm if the pin does not sink.

Xylophages end is heavy but not impossible.

1. Purchase a treatment kit. They consist usually two or three products

– A spray or aerosol for application in holes (usually with a cannula or a syringe)

– A product extending brush

– A product sealant holes, if we cover it or are very large

2. Clean the cabinet with soap and water, without soaking, so they are in sight all the holes you have to deal

3. Apply the product in the holes and ends with the brush. You’ll have to be patient because the holes are usually numerous

4. Cover with a large plastic and let stand for several days.

5. It may be necessary to repeat the operation a second time

6. If you want to plug the holes, use the product composed of resin. You might want to keep them, if it is an old piece of furniture, or you want to give the appearance of time

And in any case, if you think things have exceeded the limit of what you can do for the furniture and woodwork in your home, uses professionals. Accustomed to fight this pest, if the case is serious, it will be worth the expense.


Care to keep your beautiful furniture