What to do with used furniture if you move?

Do you change your home and do not want or can not take your furniture? What to do with used furniture to keep or get money for them?

Work or personal circumstances facing us, sometimes, the transfer of our home. What to do with used furniture if you move?

Solutions if you are in one of these situations

You want to keep your furniture and you have no place to keep them. In that case you can use rented storage and storage rooms.

You change your home even place of residence for a transfer, and want to keep your furniture. The best way is to hire the services of a repository to store your belongings. They are usually related to moving companies. The process is carried out

When you want to reuse, the operation is played in reverse.

Another option is renting a storage room. The difference is that the storage service are rented for a certain time, as is, for example, a local or a floor. You have to manage the transfer and storage of your goods and can come and go anytime. The storage rooms are rented by square meters and, in general, are useful for storing your household goods for those who do not have site, such as seasonal clothing, sports equipment, etc. Usually the places that are offering security and surveillance 24 hours.

You want to let go of the furniture

There are charities that collect home your furniture in good condition. They fix them, review them and generally improve their appearance to sell on their premises. Normally they collected for free all the equipment that may be exploitable. If they are in poor condition they will charge you bring something to a collection point or recycling place that municipalities make available to the neighbors. That is the usual procedure, although each association has its own forms of action.

These entities are dedicated to provide work and raise funds for people in social exclusion situation or close to it. They are associations with similar aims to Emmaus, Salvation Army, CHALLENGE, etc. depending on the country.

Talk with family and friends and tell them about the furniture you have in good condition. Sometimes, without leaving your inner circle, there will be people who need and thank some of these pieces. Giving away furniture is a way to let go of them knowing they will be useful to other people nearby, especially when they have some kind of meaning for you.

Children’s furniture are especially easy to “place” as having a more limited use in time, not having to buy is a good saving in a family. In that case, it is important to check, specifically, the state of the bassinet and crib and whether the use has not affected their safety.

Sure you have furniture and fixtures that are in disrepair. In this case ,, ecological awareness and practice Toss them in your municipality reserve places for recycling. 5 Go over your furniture also certain environmental “R”.