You want to be real estate agent?

There are many who look enviously when you say that is realtor. The first thing that comes to mind is that too much money. That is one of the earliest and biggest myths about this profession. This is followed very closely not to study to be an agent, and it is an easy task.

Sorry to disappoint you if you agree with those myths. It is true that you can earn very good money (with great effort), but that’s not the reality of the majority. The difference in income between real estate agents is abysmal, and many have to focus on other tasks at the same time working the ‘Real Estate’.

On the other hand, this race requires not only take a few courses before you graduate, but also need to keep studying to keep up. Finally, it is no easy task, it requires much effort and dedication. If this preliminary overview you feel this is for you, you know some requirements of Realtors.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images